What We Do

We are a full service provider of financial planning services with a primary focus on investment management. Our goal is to provide our clients with the comfort and security that comes with a proactively analyzed and monitored investment portfolio and a comprehensive financial plan that is consistent with their long term goals.

Financial Planning

We like to begin new client relationships by putting together a financial plan to get a deeper understanding of your financial needs and ambitions. We then work with a group of hand selected and vetted third party providers to address your needs/desires for insurance, estate planning and accounting services. Working with third party providers rather than an in house team allows us to provide non-biased advice on the options available to you.

Our client questionnaire allows us to better understand your financial goals.

Client Questionnaire

The family love letter is a great resource for organizing your estate and providing a reference document for your heirs.

Family Love Letter

Investment Management

After we help you put together a financial plan, we primarily focus our efforts on investment management. The best investment strategy for you depends upon your financial goals, risk tolerance and time frame. We have spent over 20 years in the investment business studying and practicing all aspects of investment analysis including macro analysis, equity analysis,

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Investment Philosophy

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