What We Do

We are a full service financial advisory firm with a primary focus on investment management. Our goal is to provide our clients with the comfort and security that comes with a comprehensive financial plan that is consistent with their long term goals and a proactively analyzed and monitored investment portfolio.

Financial Planning

We like to begin new client relationships by putting together a financial plan to get a deeper understanding of your financial needs and ambitions. We then work with a group of hand selected and vetted third party providers to address your needs/desires for insurance, estate planning and accounting services. Working with third party providers rather than an in house team allows us to provide impartial advice on the options available to you.  After we put together an initial financial plan, we help you monitor and re-adjust your strategy as necessary.  

Our client questionnaire allows us to better understand your financial goals.

Acorn Capital Partners Client Questionnaire 2022

The family love letter is a great resource for organizing your estate and providing a reference document for your heirs.

Family Love Letter

Investment Management – Our Comparative Advantage

Investment management is an area where we believe that we can provide a comparative advantage over the typical financial advisory firm.  The licensing requirements and incentive structure in the industry have led to an environment where advisors are incentivized to spend more time on asset gathering (sales) and less time on investment management (research).  A recent study by Kitces Research estimates that the average advisor spends less than 10% of their time on investment management with the other 90% spent on sales and other administrative tasks. 

The United States has been in a secular bull market for the last 40 years characterized by attractive returns on stocks and bonds relative to the rate of inflation.  This has allowed advisors to “park money” in passive investment vehicles, (index investing or a 60/40 portfolio) spending more time on sales and and less time on research.  This environment is likely coming to an end as interest rates, which are the main driver of asset prices, reached their lower bound in 2020.  Rising interest rates have historically led to a stagnation or a decline in asset prices.  To read more about this dynamic click here.  In this environment it is important to understand which asset classes are likely to outperform in the prevailing market environment and re-adjust as things change.  Research-oriented active portfolio management will likely be critical to investment success in the coming decades. 

At Acorn Capital Partners, we try to flip the typical time allocation ratio around, spending the vast majority of our time on investment analysis while spending less time on other tasks.  Our investment approach incorporates an ongoing review of the global macro environment, fundamental equity research and price action analysis to determine the best place to allocate assets at any given time.                   

To read more about our investment philosophy click below.

Investment Philosophy

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