Discretionary Investment Management

We provide portfolio management services focused on microcap and smidcap equities for our discretionary clients. If you participate in our discretionary portfolio management services, we require that you grant our firm discretionary authority to manage your account. Discretionary authorization allows us to determine the specific securities, and the amount of securities, to be purchased or sold for your account without your approval prior to each transaction. Discretionary authority is granted by the investment advisory agreement you sign with our firm and the appropriate trading authorization forms. Our discretionary clients are typically contacted on a quarterly basis with updates on various holdings.

Non-Discretionary Investment Management

We provide independent investment research on publicly traded microcap and smidcap equities for our non-discretionary clients. A database of companies that pique each client’s interest is maintained monitored for each non-discretionary client and we use our best efforts to contact each client when an ideal investment entry point in one of these companies presents itself. We monitor each clients holdings and provide regular updates on our investment thesis. If you enter into non-discretionary arrangements with our firm, we must obtain your approval prior to executing any transactions on behalf of your account.